stones, rocks and fountains, Sketchup 3D models for landscape design (part 1)

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Here, we have collected 3D SketchUp models of rocks and fountains for free download. You can use these SketchUp models for landscape design, urban design or garden design.

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SketchUp 3D models For landscape design, part 1: stones and fountains (free download)

In this package, Several Sketchup 3D models of rocks, stones and fountains are sorted to download for free! You can easily apply these models to your SketchUp designs. These 3D objects can be used for landscape design, park and garden design or urban design.

In terms of modelling, SketchUp is a tool to produce quick and creative forms designed by architects. SketchUp software is also known for its unique features that summarise multiple commands into one. That is why many architects are in favour of this software. Furthermore, Sketchup is a light modelling software and particularly suitable for massive-modelling. Working with Huge urban sites and landscape designs are yet easy and fast by SketchUp.

Rocks and fountains in landscape design

Fountains are significant elements in landscape architecture. People need to enhance the natural scenery as part of the landscape. Therefore Fountains, waterways and ponds, with their decorative and sculptural features, are considered to be attractive and enjoyable elements of the landscapes. Today one of the main elements of landscape design, villa design, gardens and urban space are fountains.

Using rocks for landscaping adds colour and texture to space and can even be used as a tool for growing some plants, such as climbing plants like ivies.  In Japanese and Chinese gardens, plants change as the seasons change, but the rocks are stable elements that do not change over time. These fixed and variable elements (plants and rocks) create a kind of melody and music, because parts of the music are also evolving, and parts are stable. Furthermore, creating landscapes with rocks and stones can help us to save water.

We have prepared a beautiful collection of fountain and stone models to save your time for designing. These SketchUp 3D models of fountains and rocks are a part of our diverse models for landscape design and architectural design that you can download it for free. You can find other free SketchUp models for landscape design by clicking here.

Free collection of SketchUp models of fountains and rocks:

Compressed File size: 214MB

File type: SKP

Total models: 73 3D models

“Editable with SketchUp version 2013 or later”.

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