High-resolution cut-out trees: collection 1 (PNG format)

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Sixty-one high-resolution cut-out trees (PNG format)

Compressed File size: 385MB

For use with Adobe Photoshop or other products, this detailed, high-resolution collection of front-view tree cut-outs makes it easy to produce high-quality drawings, perspective views, and photos.

The high-resolution trees can be used for landscape design, architectural rendering, graphic design, and image editing.

The transparent background of the PNG images allows for the leaves, branches, and trunks of the trees to be merged easily in rendering.

“To view a low-resolution sample of the images, see the product picture gallery.”  To find similar symbols click here.

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Where can cut-out trees be used?

This collection comprises high-quality cut-out trees presented in large size and high-resolution.

These high-resolution cut-out trees can be used in landscape design, architectural rendering, graphic design, image editing, and large advertising photos. The Autocad drawings can also be printed to a PDF file and merged with cut-out trees by using an image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop.

It is possible to make textures for 3D design programs using cut-out trees. Combining 2D digital arts with cut-out objects makes the Post-production process much faster and easier.

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File info of cut-out trees collection 1:

Number of PNG files: 61 (All in a zipped file)

Compressed File size: 385MB

Files type: PNG

Note for using cut-out trees:

All presented cut-out photos are in the “indexed-color” mode to reduce file size. To apply it, you may need to convert it to “RGB” or “CMYK” color mode. This can be done using Adobe Photoshop to change the color mode via the “Image” menu.

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