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Revit families for hospital design

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Contained in this highly useful downloadable package is a collection of Revit families for hospital design Including hospital and health care furniture, hospital equipment, dentistry equipment and furniture,  X-ray and MRI machines, wheelchairs, etc.

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Contained inside this Revit family collection are 3D/2D objects which are used for designing hospitals and places related to healthcare like dental offices.

Some of Revit families included are:

  • Various wheelchairs
  • Various hospital beds
  • X-Ray machines
  • Medical stretchers & trolleys
  • Hospital doors and windows
  • MRI machines
  • Ceiling hoist (or ceiling lift, a device for moving the patient)
  • veterinary equipment
  • Anesthesia Machine
  • Autoclaves & Sterilizers
  • Infant Warming Machine
  • Dental office equipment
  • Autopsy Table
  • Surgery room equipment
  • Various equipment


For use with Revit software.

After loading families into your drawing, you can search “A4D” by right-clicking on families to find them more comfortable.

Compressed File size: 99.9MB

File type: RFA (Revit family)

Number of objects: 133 items

Scale system: Metric-Imperial

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