Full collection of Bedroom, living room and dining room furniture blocks for AutoCad

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Here, we have collected and presented a comprehensive collection of AutoCad furniture blocks for living room, bedroom and dining room. This collection with more than 15000 objects is the most extensive classified furniture collection for AutoCad drawings. All of this beautiful and various furniture blocks in this AutoCad DWG file are drawn in Metric system with real scale. This valuable collection can help architects design and draw faster, easier and better.

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Interior design will be easier by using Standard arranged furniture drawings. We have collected a unique and diverse collection of furniture item symbols (DWG format files) for living room, bedroom and dining room which can be used in architectural drawing, residential design, and interior design.

Some of the blocks presented in this collection are:

  • Variety set of the living room furniture with various layouts (for Plan, Elevation and section)
  • Different dining sets, dining chair and tables in elevation and top view.
  • Special furniture blocks like pianos, Decorative objects, painting frame drawings etc.
  • Beautiful and different decorative curtains for bedroom and living room windows in elevation and section.
  • Various bedroom sets drawings including Beds, lampshades, dressing tables, closets etc. (top and elevation view)
  • Different bedroom layouts (plan and elevation)
  • Lighting equipment like chandeliers, lampshades, table lamps, task lamps, floor lamps etc.

Unzip the compressed file after downloading. You can use it with DWG viewers and use or modify with AutoCad 2004 software or higher versions.

File size: 86MB

File type: DWG

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