2D Facade presentation with AutoCad, a fine collection of rendered facades

Autocad 2D facade presentation and rendering

Facades (the front view of buildings) are an important part of drawing in architectural design, not least because non-professionals can comprehend the design so easily. Rendering using entourage and illustration will demonstrate the ideas of the designer in a clearer and better way to the target audience.

In this AutoCAD collection, more than 80 facades and building sections are presented as 2D rendering samples. Also included are rendered graphical skies and entourage, and tips on use with AutoCAD

Famous building facades included; the Parthenon (Acropolis), Church of the Savior on Blood (St.petersburg- simplified model), Great Wall (China), Colosseum (Rome), Eiffel tower (Paris), Arch of Triumph (Paris), Temple of Heaven (Beijing), Empire State Building (New York), Alamo Mission in San Antonio, and ….

For use with DWG viewers and AutoCad version 2004 or later.

Compressed File size: 33.8MB

File type: DWG

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